Facebook Disabled Me


I've become an online outcast.

(WORLD) Facebook disabled my account claiming I was using a fake name.

Facebook doesn't allow one letter names so I had "DK Ismyname".

In correspondence with them I explained my name, provided online proof of who I am plus offered to give them 'references' from several trusted sources. Their response:

…please provide a scanned image or a digital photo of a government issued I.D. (e.g. driver’s license, passport) to confirm the accuracy of your name.

Would you give them this?

I posed the question to my twitter network if they would provide the information were they to be in the same situation. You can read their responses here, here, here and here (thanks guys).

On the one hand it's great to see Facebook ensuring the validity of their users. For me, a user with over 300 friends plus an obvious online prescence across many websites and web platforms, testimonies and quotes all citing my name, it seems an obvious mistake by them but one which they are not rescinding upon.

I'm not alone in getting my account deleted by using an apparent fake name check out this. It brings up a larger issue of identity and online ownership (to be tackled another time).

Will keep you posted.

UPDATE 7.2.08: After many emails back and for I am very pleased to announce Facebook has agreed to change my listed name to DK. Thank you Facebook for listening and agreeing (now people can find me just by typing 'DK').


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