Quotes which illustrate.

(WORLD) MediaSnackers are being served more and more ways to snack on their chosen media than ever. It’s hard to differentiate between companies and start-ups enabling snacking or the snacking trends driving media platform development, but here are a couple of quotes from the ‘experts’ to sum it all up for any ‘MediaSnacker-virgins’:

My attitude is that the technology is here… our responsibility is to inform and teach people about responsible use of that technology.
Secondary principals association president Peter Gall, of Auckland’s Papatoetoe High School and his reaction to the growing trend of banning access to social networking sites in New Zealand.

It’s allowed them to connect with learning in a meaningful way, in a way textbooks can’t.
Canadian teacher, Kathy Cassidy talking about her blogging 101 class to grade 1 students (6 year olds).

Young people are ‘grazers,’ according to a recent Readership Institute study, who don’t go looking for news, but will stop to read ‘if it catches my eye,’ or if they ‘bump into something.’
From this article discussing how young people access and think about news at the 7th World Young Readers Conference.

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