Quotes which illustrate.

(WORLD) MediaSnackers are being served more and more ways to snack on their chosen media than ever. It’s hard to differentiate between companies and start-ups enabling snacking or the snacking trends driving media platform development, but here are a couple of quotes from the ‘experts’ to sum it all up for any ‘MediaSnacker-virgins’:

Pupils will be given their assignments in groups of 120 in the morning before dispersing to wi-fi zones to study.
Merseyside’s Knowsley Council is replacing 1950s-style secondary schools with centres where children follow programmes matching their interests.

In this next phase of the web we are going to use technology to make creativity easier and I think we are going to see everybody wanting to be creative. This means that people better rethink the nature of media.
Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life talking about future web developments.

The Pew study reports that 73 percent of U.S. adults surveyed own a mobile phone, 68 percent have a desktop computer, 30 percent own a laptop, and 73 percent use the Internet, yet only 8 percent are “deep users” of Web 2.0 features
Pew/Internet Study on adult ICT use here (via Christopher Sessums blog).

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