The MediaSnackers Meme #3


[SUMMARY—Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.]

(WORLD) We weren’t the first to apply the ‘snacking’ metaphor to media. Although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

Start selling ‘snack sized’ pieces of content on sites like iTunes—think 20cents, not $11.99
Branding and trends blog Influx on how to market the second Borat movie.

Are we now grazing media as if we were gathering digital blackberries in an electronic forest?
Antonio Lopez, Media Educator from his blog post exploring the MediaSnackers Meme.

Thinking about this, I begin to wonder if this is truly “snacking”. While I’m constantly searching for small bits of information, I’m also getting something much more substantial: highly personalized content all delivered to my inbox. It’s not just bits, because there’s a wealth of substantial material.
Brad Levinson commenting on the recent Wired feature on his blog.

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