The MediaSnackers Meme #2


Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.

(WORLD) We weren’t the first to apply the ‘snacking’ metaphor to media. Although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

Here’s an article discussing how MediaSnacking has biult momentum through user-generated video websites.

Those clever girls and boys from Wired write their Snack Minifesto:

In the morning, we check news and tap out emails on laptops. At work we graze all day on videos and blogs. Back home, the giant HDTV is for 10-course feasting—say, an entire season of 24. In between are the morsels that fill those whenever minutes, as your mobile phone carrier calls them: a 30-second game on your Nintendo DS, a 60-second webisode on your cell, a three-minute podcast on your MP3 player.

Disney Channel Worldwide president Gary Marsh sums it up superbly:

What we’re really trying to do is be all the places that kids are. Kids are media snackers. They will consume media in many, many different places. We want to make sure that when they are hungry, we are available.

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