The MediaSnackers Meme #1


Blogging elite joining the MediaSnackers fold.

(WORLD) Christian Long has been a great advocate of MediaSnackers, posting about our developments and continued growth. His recent post highlighting our MediaSnackers Explained vid (which was embedded in the front page of our site) illustrates, what I call, the ‘digital-ripple effect’.

Robert Scoble is an A-list blogger. He used to work for Microsoft and was one of the first blogging behemoths (he currently works for Podtech). MediaSnackers is honoured he likes our stuff and especially our name:

I like that term. It’s what I’m doing today. Snacking on media.

The start of the MediaSnackers Meme…

UPDATE: The ripple are spreading, check out this great Media Snacking poll from Greg Verdino and also the reference Snacks vs Meals post from Mark Cuban’s.

NOTE TO SELF: Pay more attention to those talking about the MediaSnacking meme :-)

Thanks Christian for starting the ripple.

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