Rhubarb & Custard Part 3


Weblogging and podcasting workshops.

(GBR) 1day, 6 young volunteers, 3 weblogs, and several podcasts…

DK has a very relaxed and friendly approach to work, creating the perfect environment for learning. He has a very refreshing style which is engaging and easy to follow. The young people that attended his training found him both inspiring and motivational and many have kept in touch with him following the session. He is a professional trainer who delivers beyond expectation.
Rachel Wilkinson, Marketing & Communications Officer

I honestly think I can go now and have my own weblog and do some podcasting.

It was an absolutely brilliant workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

It was absolutely fantastic and much better than I could imagined.

I found the experience amazing. These skills I have learned I will apply to my own projects I want to tackle in the future.
Youth participants

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