Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (3 February 2011)

We spent a day with several different teams at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, helping them explore social media and giving them hands on experiences of creating content across a range of social spaces (all part of our pro bono pledge this year).

Wow! It’s no exaggeration to say that the day we spent with Mediasnackers has not only changed the way I do my job but the way I live my life.

Nicola Lloyd, Marketing Manager, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

MediaSnackers Consulting

4 thoughts on “Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (3 February 2011)”

  1. Just the day before this course I was talking with colleagues about how to produce some material to advertise the work of our design students to potential employers. Several of the techniques and websites mentioned on this course, in particular ‘Issuu’, solve the huge problems of a/ budget, b/ getting the information from the students in the right format and c/ keeping it relevant and up to date.

    So cheaper and easier to produce, more appropriate to the industry and easier to distribute – there’s no question of which option to go for!

  2. It was an up-beat and entertaining presentation and a very useful interactive session in the afternoon, so thanks to DK and Mark. Whilst I have personal reservations about mobile technology (the software may be free up to a point, but the technology itself isn’t…) the professional opportunities are very exciting. As long as UoG’s communications policy is foremost at the point of blogging / tweeting / facebooking on behalf of any given department, then the reward could be great. However, who will monitor the output?

  3. Hi All,

    Just got back into the office after four days of cogitating and digesting.

    My brain has finally stopped leaking out of my ears now and I think my three main take outs are:

    1.Our Facebook page should be aimed at engaging our internal community and accessing their networks
    2.Blogging is the future for the college website!
    3.Further exploration and discussion of Twitter is needed – the penny still hasn’t dropped for me yet!

    Thanks everyone!

  4. A BIG thank you DK and Mark for the day :-)

    There is loads we can take from the training and apply to college. In particular the discussion on facebook and how we use this communication tool in future to best effective, and the generating content tools, I think we can use straight away with relative ease and create good content for our website.

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