An Awesome Social Media List Of Social Media Lists


Examples, case studies, ideas, policies etc

We love dropping knowledge here at MediaSnackers and thought it was time to create a list of those common questions people / clients / friends / associates / family friends ask us about social media—we thought we’d make it an awesome list to make your brain melt :

1. What case studies exist of marketing with social media?
300+ Cases & Examples of Social Media Marketing : enough for you?

2. Do you have anymore case studies…?
Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples : seriously? OK, how about another 1,500 to make the point…

3. We’re thinking of developing a social media policy, got any pointers?
164 social media policies : how about a great list which you can filter down by industry/sector to get you going.

4. I’m a teacher, social media is only for big firms isn’t it?
Top 100 High School Teacher Blogs : No. Whatever non-commercial organisation you work for there will be lists out there of the movers and shakers who are using social media. Go find it.

5. How do you measure and monitor social media?
Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions : these might help.

6. Can you demonstrate the specific ROI of social media?
34 case studies that prove social media ROI : get your eyeballs around these.

7. So what examples are there of businesses blogging?
Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki : the big boys and girls blogging like it’s going out of fashion.

8. How many social networking sites are there?
List of social networking websites : and finally, just to scare the bejeezers out of you.

So many lists, so many strategies, so many methods!

This proves how personal and unique all the approaches need to be for each company and organisation, although, the above will certainly enable to make a start on crafting your own.