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Guernsey YS Part Two


Film Review.

(GUE) Short film review of our time over in Guernsey delivering our two day social media course to the islands youth service team:

‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’ as they say and for me the proof of a good training course is in how much the ideas it generates get used afterwards. Since our Mediasnackers training our staff have: had a group of young people using their mobile phones / cameras to record evidence of their work, produced a Capzles presentation on a new project, set up a webcam link on Skype for future staff meetings and discussed using wikis for updating of our database records. With all of this done in less than a week I’d say that pudding has well and truly been eaten!

Dave Le Feuvre, Head of Guernsey Youth Service

Guernsey YS Part One

MediaSnackers Training

4 Responses to “Guernsey YS Part Two”

  1. Mark Says:

    wow that’s a good quote from Dave – great to see the tools being used so swiftly after training.

  2. DK Says:

    Just need to add – any service which has a ‘Time Crisis 2′ arcade machine gets the MediaSnackers stamp of approval by default ;-)

  3. Clive Says:

    Time Crisis 2 is just one of the many things on offer at the North Youth Centre – Guernsey
    We aim to please

  4. DK Says:

    Totally agree Clive and get practising for our return visit ;-)


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